Magnesium deficiency symptoms in organism

Nervousness, irritability, tiredness , sleeping problems, anxiety or panic attacks are just a few of magnesium deficiency symptoms. Having an alert type of living your life, a chaotic food diet and daily stress are factors that contribute a lot in “disappearance” of magnesium.

So what is magnesium deficiency?

Magnesium represents one of the most important minerals in our organism. With calcium, phosphorous and other nutrients, magnesium helps in maintaining a good physical and psychical state. Magnesium has an important role in producing energy, in synthesizing acids and proteins, muscular relaxation and regulates our metabolism. An important part is also played in our hormonal activity, in diabetes and kidney stones prevention.

Most times magnesium deficiency symptoms aren’t correctly identified by doctors, because it doesn’t appear in blood tests. Only 1% of the entire quantity of magnesium in our body is located in blood. Magnesium deficiency is especially caused by the lack of magnesium in organism, which is procured from fruits and vegetables. Also, an excess of calcium in our organism can lead to symptoms of magnesium deficiency. This deficiency is the result of many factors that absorb this mineral and are reducing its absorption in organism.

Magnesium deficiency can be caused by a series of affections as pancreatitis, excessive sweating or cardio problems. Also, alcohol, digestive problems or surgical operations can reduce magnesium systematization by our body. Known fact is that women suffer of a great loss in magnesium during their menstrual cycle.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency

When our organism has low levels in magnesium, it reacts in different ways. Pains of head, of stomach or feet are among the most frequent symptoms of magnesium lack in organism. Muscular cramps or rigidity around neck are alarming symptoms.

Jaw pains are other symptoms caused by lack of magnesium. These pains appear suddenly and don’t last very long , but for sure they are very unpleasant. Other symptoms that lead to magnesium deficiency is the chest pain that appears seldom, but for sure has an unpleasant impact when we’re experiencing it.

Lacking magnesium is also manifesting in our central nervous system. Symptoms can be very grave when also the level of calcium in our body is low. Low levels in magnesium are most times manifested through anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness and strange behavior. Once with panic attacks and anxiety there can appear other symptoms more unpleasant as fear of open spaces, agoraphobia and insomnia. Low levels of magnesium in organism are affecting our movement too. This leads to hands and feet paralysis.

Cardiac system is also affected by magnesium deficiency symptoms. There are increased chances for palpitations and chest pains. Heart beats become unregulated and in severe cases symptoms look very much like a heart attack.

Also, if magnesium is missing in an organism it can lead to behavior changes. Persons that usually are relaxed and confident suddenly become tensed, nervous and pessimists. Most times, persons that have a low level of magnesium have a crazy appetite for chocolate. Women can experience changes in menstrual cycle. Both men and women become more frustrated, especially if they experience panic attacks too.

Other symptoms of magnesium missing in an organism are somnolence, anorexia, apathy, confusion, tiredness, lacking concentration and weak memory. Permanent contraction of muscles, delirium, paralysis, hallucinations, itches in all body are severe symptoms of magnesium deficiency symptoms. In these situations the person the has these symptoms has to immediately consult a doctor.